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eSchools provides the school with various ways to communicate with parents including email, text messages and letters home. Just imagine how useful this could be, from a simple reminder about a school closure to a reference file for letters sent home which you can access in case paper copies have become misplaced or lost.


eSchools offer the following:


  • Attendance: Check your child’s attendance, during the day and for the academic year.
  • Calendar: What’s coming up at school throughout the year, helps you to plan.
  • Letters Home: Access to all current and previous letters sent home.
  • Homework: Monitor what homework your child has been set and ensure deadlines are being met.
  • Quick Links: Links to commonly used web pages associated with school/education.
  • Settings: Change your password, inform the school of changes to your contact details.
  • Epay: COMING SOON in January 2016, this area will allow you to pay for trips and visits by using an online payment system. Details about this service will follow in December.

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