Restorative Justice Group

Latest News at Hayle Community School

 30th April 2018


Ten of our year 9 students have completed some intensive training with the Restorative Justice Working Group in learning how to address conflict between peers. These students have been recognised for their achievements through a certificate and record of their work. They will now continue their work and training to eventually be able to help the younger years to resolve conflict. WHAT IS RESTORATIVE JUSTICE? Restorative justice was a system set up to enable students to resolve conflicts on their own and in small groups. It’s a steadily growing practice at schools all over the country. It allows students to come together in small peer-mediated groups to talk, ask questions, and air grievances. For those actively using the programme, benefits have included the strengthening of campus communities, prevention of bullying, and the overall reduction of student conflicts. Furthermore early-adopters have seen sweeping reductions in suspension and expulsion rates, and students say they feel safer and happier. Bella, Jessica, Lucy, Ben, Tommy, Elias, Ellie, Julia were awarded certificates this week by the organisers.