PiXL Evening

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30th January 2018


The autumn mock examinations at the end of last term were a vital part of the preparation for the 2018 summer public exams. From the results information gained, teachers were able to produce and provide individualised breakdowns of revision topics/ skills (personalised learning checklists), to help students perform at their best when the time comes. The evening was well attended and gave parents an invaluable opportunity to informally discuss their child’s progress, as well as look at ways that they could actively support and help their child revise for their GCSE exams.Students and parents were able to book and attend subject-based workshops applicable to their child, led by Heads of Faculty, with a particular focus on Maths, English, Science, Geography and History. They had the opportunity to ask questions and to look at the expectations of the exams, by being able to review past papers. Attendees also received an overview of what after-school revision sessions are available per subject. By the end of the evening, both students and parents felt well-armed with the preparation tools and recently launched revision apps, as well as a better understanding of what is ‘coming’. And above all, lots of practical ways to support the work that Hayle Academy is doing, at home.