South Africa Cricket

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 5th March 2018


On the first day we went to Pilanesberg game reserve on a safari where we saw a lion, an elephant a giraffe and zebra as well as wildebeest. We did that for the first 2 days and then went to Sun City Water Park! Then we drove to Johannesburg where we played cricket for a lot of it, the first one was a day night game which we played under lights. We had a few games there. We flew to Cape Town which was 2 hours on the plane. Cape Town had a drought so there were water restrictions in place. We played 3 matches there; we won 1 and lost 2. We went to Table Mountain and visited Boulders beach where there were penguins. We even swam in the sea, it was cold. We then we flew back to Johannesburg where we won another game, but also lost a game there. One game was abandoned due to thunder and lightning. Overall, we won 3 lost 4 and one game abandoned. On the trip, we stayed with many host families who we played against. They all had massive houses with maids, butlers, gardeners and swimming pools! The trip was absolutely amazing and the cricket grounds were brilliant. By: Max