Boccia Event

Latest News at Hayle Community School

 15th March 2018


Representing Cornwall and already the Cornwall Champions, Hayle Academy team of six were set to compete against other schools and colleges in Exeter, for a chance to represent the South West at the nationals. There were 10 games overall, and by the start it was clear to see that the competing teams had, had lots of practise and their own equipment, but this did not faze these girls! Some of the games came to very intense, nail biting tie breaker rounds. Sadly 5th, 6th and 7th place came down to points for and against which put Hayle Academy team into 7th place, 2 points short of 5th. The girls all played with great sportsmanship even in defeat and did both themselves and Hayle Academy proud! Well done team: Ashlyn, Katie, Courtney, Kacey, Hannah and Chloe.