Humanities Trip

Latest News at Hayle Community School

 15th June 2018


On Thursday 7th June, Year 7 embarked on their first humanities trip at Hayle Academy. Field work and site visits are a big part of the curriculum and these trips ultimately prepare them for the type of work at GCSE level. We began by visiting Falmouth Docks where we looked at the types of jobs being completed and why these may change in the future. We also looked at why Falmouth was such a suitable site for this industry. This included the natural depth of the harbour and the skilled local workforce. We then visited Pendennis Castle with the aim of exploring how and why it has changed since its construction in the 1540s. Students got to experience what it would have been like during a World War 2 German attack in an underground ammunition room and how Henry VIII’s guard tower was built to resist enemy attack in Tudor times. Finally, we visited Gyllyngvase beach and gathered evidence of coastal processes and management. We studied the sea wall and the reasons for its location, as well as why the beach exists in this particular area. The year group were fantastic company and their next steps will be a history and geography project following up on the work completed. BY: Ms Leech